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As a skilled PR + Communications entrepreneur, Nicole has built a thriving career based on meaningful collaboration. Her work ethic + passion for human connection hail from her upbringing, where she watched and helped her parents run a family restaurant in Niagara Falls. It was this entrepreneurial spirit that inspired Nicole and laid the foundation for her future.

Education and Start of Nulink Media

While completing her education in Public Relations + Communications at the University of Guelph and Humber College, Nicole began her career in the staffing industry. Through roles as a brand ambassador, manager + event director, Nicole combined the aspects she loved with noted areas for improvement, and used them to fuel the creation of Nulink Media -- Satisfying Nicole’s passion of social interaction + creative event coordination, it was also important for Nulink to provide opportunities for students + people looking for additional work outside of their careers. Since its inception in 2015, Nicole’s leadership has elevated Nulink Media to reach multiple cities across North America with reliable personnel. 


When she isn’t working, Nicole enjoys reading, keeping up to date on social media + new trends, staying active with yoga and connecting with food, family + friends. Nicole resides in Toronto, Ontario.